We have designed tools for machining, welding, grinding and assembly since 1990.
Workpieces include diesel engine and electric motor parts, transmission housings,
gears and parts for a range of machinery items and vehicles.

Confidentiality and reliability.

All customer information and designs, etc. are kept confidential.
We make no exceptions to this. Reliability means that we keep our promises.


Because we are not bound to any brand, importer or other operator,
we are free to choose the components that best fit the design at hand.

Quality and our customers

We are renowned for our high-quality and skilled designs and particularly
for our drawings, which take the manufacturing point of view into account.

Customer satisfaction is important to us.


erilaisia kiinnittimiä koneistukseen, hitsaukseen ja kokoonpanoon

Fixtures and tools

We design various fixtures for machining, welding and assembly.
The majority of machining fixtures are for robot applications,
but manual fixtures for small batch production are still needed.
In most cases, automatic fixtures use hydraulics to fix the workpieces.
Our range also includes fixtures required in welding and assembly.

projektin avaimet käteen -toimituksena verkoston kautta

Turnkey deliveries and projects

If the customer so desires, we can handle projects as a turnkey
delivery through our network. In this way, the customer does not need to
tie down their own personnel resources to a tool project, but can concentrate
on other important matters. Thus, the client’s own personnel resources
are not bound to a tool in the project and they can concentrate on the essentials.


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